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We run regular activities and organise events here at Coppermill Care Centre. 

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Who We Are

Coppermill Care Centre is privately owned and operated and has been managed by Mr. Johan Neeskens for the past 11 years. Many of our team members have worked at the center for over ten years and all are dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of care and support.

Our management team is arranged as follows:

Coppermill Organisational Chart

To ensure the effectiveness of the service we deliver:

  • We employ staff in sufficient numbers to respond appropriately to the identified needs of our clients
  • Each of our personal care and dementia units is staffed by day and night senior carers, careers and activity coordinators, supported by house keeping and laundry staff plus a full catering team
  • We provide an appropriate number of staff with qualifications in health and social care at all times
  • We ensure our team has a wide range of education and development opportunities that are relevant to their respective induction, foundation experience and future development
  • We lead and support our team to provide a service that is effective and caring

Our philosophy at Coppermill is simple, “people have a right to care that truly reflects their needs and individuality”. As such, we have created an environment that is essentially domestic in nature and promotes a happy atmosphere, with emphasis on the retention of each resident’s right to privacy, dignity, independence, personal choice and fulfillment.

We welcome everybody irrespective of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and belief. We also recognise that service-users with dementia require special assistance and sensitivity, but they still retain the potential to learn new skills, which we actively encourage and is why we place so much emphasis on an extensive programme of activities throughout each day.