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We run regular activities and organise events here at Coppermill Care Centre. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are among the questions we are normally asked and their answers:

We are a residential home and cannot offer full nursing care. However if any of our Residents become ill they can be cared for at Coppermill unless their doctor decides differently.  
The Home works in partnership with other professionals to support care needs, i.e. G.P.s, District Nurses, speech therapists, dieticians and physiotherapists.

The only limit placed on Residents wishing to bring their own furniture is the size of their room and safety regulations. Coppermill actively encourages Residents to bring their own small items of furniture and ornaments as it helps them to settle in. we will be happy to discuss with you the feasibility of bringing your own special items into the room you have chosen. We try to please.

Coppermill offers a wide range of activities throughout the whole building.  Varied Activity Schedules are displayed on the notice-boards;  it is your choice where and when you would like to participate.   There is also a Hairdressing and Chiropody service available.

Coppermill is your home, there are no restrictions and visitors are welcome at anytime although we do ask where possible to avoid meal times. If you would like to have a meal or refreshment with your relative, representative or friends,  we are able to provide this service in your room or ‘The Hideaway’.   Please let us know in advance.  We ask visitors to register themselves in the ‘Visitors’ Log-Book’.  For us it is important to take the health and safety and welfare for everybody very seriously, therefore we need to know how many people are in the building in the event of an emergency.

Residents are free to come and go as they please. All we ask that you inform us. (This is a health and safety issue, as in the event we will need to know how many people are in the building).

Smoking can be a danger as an accident with a match, lighter or cigarette could lead to a fire in the Home. This is one of the reasons we operate a no smoking policy.   A smoking ban was implemented in July, 2007, in accordance with U.K. legislation.  However, smoking is subject to an ongoing risk assessment.  Residents who wish to smoke may do so outside; the Home has a designated smoking area.

Health and safety procedures need to be observed should gifts of perishable nature be brought into the Home.  Whilst we do not condone food gifts, we ask that food gifts are restricted to that of a low-risk nature, such as fruit, biscuits, chocolate and pre-packed fruit drinks.   We ask that any food being brought into the home is checked prior with a senior member of staff before giving, particularly if special diets or strict medication need to be monitored.   We politely request not to bring food into the Home that needs to be kept hot or directly chilled.   Whilst we do not want too many restrictions or regulations, in the best interest the management of the Home reserves the right not to accept food that is thought to present a significant risk to health/allergies.

Every effort is maintained to eliminate infection throughout the Home.  We encourage all visitors to sanitise their hands when entering and leaving.  Hand sanitising gel is available in the foyer and employee stations.   Hand-washing facilities are available for staff and visitors throughout the building.   All resident rooms have ensuite and hand-soap dispensers.  In the event of an outbreak it is necessary that the Home complies to regulations and RIDDOR.   In respect of any form of suspected outbreak it will be necessary that the management adhere by the Home’s policy and procedures, this will include the need for restricted visiting.   All staff and residents will be informed of any restrictions, as well as families/representatives. 

We adopt an open door policy and welcome visitors at any time. We have a complaints policy and procedure and believe that in order to provide a top quality service in a flexible and responsive way, it is essential to seek constant improvements in all aspects of the home.

We hope this information has given you a taste of life at Coppermill Care and that you are suitably informed to make your next choices.  Thank you.